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Spice up your love life with crotchless bikini

Yes, making love is great fun all by itself, however, wouldn’t it be great if you could do a little something extra to increase that fun even more for both you and your partner? Isn’t that why role playing have caught on as popular things ? People also use a number of different accessories to help make things more interesting. One of such accessories is a crotchless bikini.

As the name suggests, the bikini has an open crotch area — specifically for those who like to engage in making love while they’re clothed. The absence of crotch gets them easy access; in fact, the whole idea of your partner’s private parts available to you without having to undress them has a great pleasurable effect; those who’ve wanted something like this would know exactly what I mean.

Today’s woman has been liberated from the bonds of an ancient and strictly patriarchal society, and this freedom is not just limited to being able to cast their vote or run for office. Liberation in terms of expressing your love making is just as important for a human being, and these making accessories epitomize that revolution.

Daring men and women from all walks of life today are open to experimenting more in order to create an enhanced and more fulfilling love making experience at home. People try different positions, use all kinds of different lubricants that enhances the experience, and even read up literature to better understand their partners’ needs and satisfy them.

If you identify yourself as a part of this awakened crowd, crotchless bikinis will grab your attention, and perhaps even convince you to try them sometime – that is if you haven’t done that already.

Here are some models of crotchless bikini available on the market today.

Crotchless Thong

The name doesn’t do much justice to the amazing piece of lingerie this is. This is a low rise ruffle thong made with mesh and lace. Of course, it’s open crotch as well.

I wouldn’t use the world “vanity”, but have you ever caught yourself looking at your body in the mirror? Who hasn’t, right? Well, you wear this thong once, and you’ll have a hard time staying away from the mirror and adoring yourself. And if that’s the effect this could have on you, you can probably imagine what it will do to your partner’s imagination.This thong is extremely fashionable and completely up to date.

Open All Night Crotchless Thong  panty

This is a one of its kind underwear. It is made of a delicate lace that veil your front and back while leaving the crotch area perfectly uncovered. It has a thong-back and is perfectly designed with strands of pearls placed at key strategic points to roll against your skin pleasurably. After all, it’s not just about providing your partner with all the fun and access, is it?

Lace Bikini

Are you into some dancing, teasing, and flirting with your partner for some extra results? If so this nice  lace bikini will be your best friend. It is made of soft mesh and lace with ruffles around the waist enhancing your curves.

Put them, hit the music, and make some moves. Your partner will be all over you before you even finish.

Fanny-tastic Crotchless panty

Now that’s what I call a name. This is probably the only underwear that does a lot of work to enhance your – yep, you guessed it right – fanny! It is designed with stretch laces and a number of flowers at the back in order to provide a making lovey look to even the not-so-curvy derrieres. The back also has six lace bows that complete the job and make you wonder if that’s really you in the mirror!

Crotchless Tanga panty

The Tanga Underwear features a cut that looks like a half breed of the back of a bikini and a thong. It drapes across your derriere and exposes just the right amount of cheek. And the “crotchless” in this underwear doesn’t just mean absence of crotch. It means the addition of a clever and making lovey design with two keyholes – for the front and the back – joined by a split. I bet just the description sent a slight tickle up your spine!

Love making is no longer a hidden-under-the-sheets affair for people anymore. In fact, some philosophers say making love is both a celebration and acknowledgment of everything that’s great between you and your partner. Have you ever seen it that way? If not, it’s about time you did and enhanced it even more.